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Snakeguy's Pepper is flavorful gourmet ground pepper blends made from select varieties of chile and bell peppers. The ground peppers are proportioned to create 9 recipes. On a 1 to 12 heat scale, they range from a low of 3 (Mild) to a high of 10 (Bring on the Heat). On the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) scale, ~20,000 to ~2,200,000.

Tamed is the signature blend of which all other recipes are based. It is formulated from eight varieties of peppers and the result is a blend with great flavor and considered mild on the heat rating. To add perspective, the hottest chile used in Tamed is the Cayenne which is rated at 20k on the Scoville scale.

Pepper Blends:
  • Tamed - Chile & Bell peppers, ~20,000 SHU (Heat 3 out of 12) #Peppers = 8
  • Venom - Chile & Bell peppers, ~50,000 SHU (Heat 5 out of 12) #Peppers = 10
  • Habanero - Venom recipe with Habanero pepper, ~300,000 SHU (Heat 7 out of 12) #Peppers = 11
  • Ghost - Habanero recipe with Ghost pepper, ~1,000,000 SHU (Heat 8 out of 12) #Peppers = 12
  • Reaper - Habanero recipe with Carolina Reaper pepper, ~2,200,000 SHU (Heat 10 out of 12) #Peppers = 12
  • Smokey Ghost - Ghost recipe with Morita pepper, ~1,000,000 SHU (Heat 8 out of 12) #Peppers = 13
  • Smokey Habanero - Habanero recipe with Morita pepper, ~300,000 SHU (Heat 7 out of 12) #Peppers = 12
  • Smokey Venom - Chile, Bell & Morita peppers, ~50,000 SHU (Heat 5 out of 12) #Peppers = 11
  • Smokey Tamed - Chile, Bell & Morita peppers, ~20,000 SHU (Heat 3 out of 12) #Peppers = 9

Use as a table condiment or add to a recipe while cooking. A sprinkle of Snakeguy's Pepper will enhance the flavor and add a bite to any meal! Made with 100% blend of select chile & bell peppers: no sodium, no preservatives, no MSG, gluten-free and vegan friendly.

Snakeguy's Famous Spiced Pretzels:
• Garlic Dill (Vegan)
• Garlic Ranch
• Cheesy Rosemary Ranch
• Thai Curry (Vegan)
• Taco Seasoning (Vegan)
• Habanero Garlic Ranch BEER!

Pretzels are spiced with Tamed (3), Habanero (7) or Reaper (10)

Snakeguy's Pepper is in support of a healthy lifestyle and a strong connection to community through volunteerism.

Customer Comments:
Dave from Allison Park, "I can't stop using the "Smokey" mixes!!!! They are wonderful!!!!! I feel like I'm cheating on the regulars."

Glenn from The Wheel Mill, "I'm obsessed with your quality Ghost recipe, I keep a bottle in my car, lunch box, my house, and my back pocket when I eat anything. I'm addicted to the hotness, I'm in heaven when I dump it all over my food..."